Dear Patient,

We miss you and hope this letter finds you and your families well.

I have always believed that patient communication was key.  Therefore with the recent news about Coronovirus in our world and community I would like you to know at this time how my team and I will be handling the situation in my dental offices.

First of all, by law I am following the guidelines dictated by the Governor, CDC, Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA), American Dental Association and the Department of Health.  I’m proud of my friendship with the current President of the PDA and am on the front line of hearing first hand on mandates and openings.  In addition, through ZOOM and other forms of social media, I’ve kept in touch with dentists near and far and have brainstormed proposed changes that will allow us to not only practice dentistry as we know it, but most importantly keep all healthy until this virus is contained.

With that being said, though I have always provided a clean, safe dental environment outlined by the CDC and OSHA guidelines of infection control, we will now have to bolster or increase our sterilization and disinfection techniques to provide a safer dental environment for our patients.   My team has been trained to implement these procedures.  In addition, my team and I will be wearing the necessary Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) – this will include a mask, eyewear, gown and/or head covering. Each night additional deep cleaning will be performed in the office.  Our standard of care ensures that your trust and safety are never compromised.

As I started my letter, I have been ordered by law to not practice dentistry due to the pandemic. Hopeful, to be open very soon once we get the go ahead. Should you experience an emergency, please call me at home 412.963.6221 and together we will assess the next step to alleviate your discomfort. Or email me with a non-emergency question at [email protected].  I’m aware many are in the middle of a treatment plan.  I imagine you’re concerned; however, I assure you that as soon as we are given a start date we will schedule you ASAP!

In compliance with recommendations for public health anyone with a cough or fever will not be treated in our offices.  Please stay home if you are ill.  Therefore our new office protocol will include this imperative step.  When you enter the office, a team member will take your temperature using a hospital grade thermometer.  If you’re reading is not within normal limits; you will be asked to reschedule.  This safety measure will keep our entire dental office and community healthy.

If your temperature is within normal limits you have the option to wait in the lobby or in your car if you prefer not to wait in the reception area.  We will be happy to call your cell when to enter.

When you enter for your appointment please sanitize your hands. Once in the dental operatory, we will provide you with a pre rinse to minimize the micro-flora bacteria and any other potential virus properties in your mouth.

My offices are designed to accommodate social distancing as well our intention to schedule appropriately; however if you feel uncomfortable at any time please let us help.  Deliveries will not be allowed in the office as well.

On a personal and much lighter note, I’m enjoying long walks with my pooch Bailey, discovered Netflix, and practicing my golf in the back yard!  I have also experimented in the kitchen without setting off the fire alarm!  On that note, eat well, exercise, hydrate and get plenty of sleep.

Keep smiling; We’re in this together!

Warmest regards,

John L. Waldman, DMD

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